Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive emails?
Yes. You can receive email.

Can I send emails?
No. You can not send email. (but in the near future we plan to implement such a function)

Why do you need to add new domains?
-Some sites do not work with some types of domains. Therefore it is necessary add new domains.
-Some sites block some domains from time to time.
-To be the administrator of the domain and to know that he is not expiration.

Is it safe to use Fake Email Generator?
-Not at all because the mail is not password protected but protected with HTTPS connections.

What information do you store about users?
-We do not store any information about users (but we use google analytics which is used by most sites on the Internet).

Is there protection from viruses in the fake email?
-We are 100% removing all possible threats that could damage your computer.

Is this real email or fake email?
-This is the real email for receiving messages with an unlimited number of mailboxes.